The 5 Best Bitcoin Wallet App

Bitcoin Wallet App
Bitcoin Wallet App

In this article, we would be sharing with you the 5 best bitcoin wallet app.

Bitcoin has taken the entire world by storm. All around the world, there’re people mining for Bitcoins, Etherium, Doge coins, and several other types of currency. They are beginning to carry some real value in real life and some places also accept cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services.

Listed below here are the 5 best bitcoin wallet app:

  • What’s the best Bitcoin app?
  • Is Bitcoin wallet app safe?

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5 Best Bitcoin Wallet App

1. Blockchain

Blockchain Wallet is one of many better cryptocurrency wallet apps for mobile. It works together with Bitcoin and it has plenty of features. Many of them include the ability to send and receive Bitcoin payments, 20+ currency conversions, PIN protection, two-factor authentication, QR code support, and TOR blocking. It is also free and open-source if that matters to you.  There’s also Material Design and an easy UI. This one is obviously really good.

2. Blockfolio

Blockfolio is an economic app targeted at cryptocurrency users. You will able to peep fast at your cryptocurrency investments. You may also allow it to send you a notification when prices reach a specified doorstep. It tracks above 800 currencies at this time and you will get information about each one. There’s also a new part if you are interested in checking up on what is new in the industry. it is totally free and that is always nice. This is na excellent for people who take cryptocurrency seriously.

3. Cobo

Cobo is just a multi-cryptocurrency wallet app. It supports a few dozen currencies, including different types of Decred, ZCash,  Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and several others. The app also features support for  80 countries and some advanced cryptocurrency tech like evidence of  Stake and master node pooling. Some users complain about a few bugs, but by and large, many people appear to like this is a lot.

4. Wallet is another cryptocurrency wallet app. The app enables you to check your cryptocurrency balance, make payments, transfer funds to others, and more. it includes a reasonable looking Material Design as well. The app includes some shopping choices, including the capacity to buy gift cards from 120+ merchants. You can even find bank banks and stores if you want that. It comes strongly recommended from its user reviews and it is worth checking out.

5. Delta

Delta is among the newer cryptocurrency apps, relatively speaking. it is a portfolio tracker app with a selection of over 3,000 currencies, a complete watchlist and market data, and also price alerts. Additionally, it includes } support for Coinbase, GDAX, Bittrex, KuCoin, and other wallet apps for quick syncing. Directly, this app has more features than every other app on this list. But, that does come at a cost of $8.49 each month We are not just a fan of subscriptions, but those people who are super hardcore into cryptocurrency might want to consider it because of this one.

Some other bitcoin wallet app includes:

  • Robinhood
  • Coin stats
  • CryptoWake
  • Simple bitcoin wallet


Bitcoin Wallet App

Is Bitcoin wallet app safe?

Despite being fully a convenient on-the-go solution for Bitcoin storage, mobile wallets are vulnerable to hacker attacks. Besides, you can lose control of your wallet when someone just gains access to your mobile device. There is a large difference in Bitcoin wallet apps for devices running on Android. is a platform that offers an easy solution to perform to buy, sell giftcards, and cryptocurrencies. is one of Nigerian’s top Crypto exchange platform, the number 1 Guide to Digital Exchanges in Nigeria. My BTC Nigeria helps guide people through the exchange process. They give you the best exchange rate; this platform provides you with the simplest solution to cryptocurrency and gift card exchange. Visit now for a splendid exchange rate.

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