test your crypto knowledge

Chief!Test your crypto knowledge.

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest cakes of the 21st century and also an exciting topic that spans the globe, but it is still shrouded in mystery for many people, but as cryptocurrency began to grow in Nigeria and Africa at large it has caused a lot of folks to have a new name or nicknames, some are nice some are weird 😩 .

You hear some names like Crypto lord, King btc, Crypto firstborn, Agba awo bitcoin😂 and so on. Just for fun, today we are going to be testing your knowledge about cryptocurrency and we will also know if we will be changing your name from Crypto first-birth to to Crypto last-birth😂 (just kidding)

Check out the questions below


  1. In what year was Bitcoin created?

2. What’s a blockchain?

3. Who created Bitcoin?

4. What day is celebrated in the cryptocurrency world as Bitcoin Pizza day?

5. What is Proof of Stake?

6. Name a place blockchain is stored

7. Bitcoin is based on ______ Blockchain.

8. What is a CBDC?

9. What powers the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

10. Who is a miner?

There you go guys, the first person 3 people to answer these questions correctly will be getting a gift from us, kindly drop your answer in the comment section.

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