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The story of cryptocurrency is exactly the story of “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone“  let me tell ya’ll one funny story about my brother  I hope he doesn’t see this🙏 😩 . He did some graphics designs for a client around December 2012 his charge fee was 7k after he had delivered the job the client complained that he was short of cash and he offered him the most prominent and recent cryptocurrency as that time (BITCOIN). Apparently the client offered to pay him 20BTC😩 😢 my brother went about ranting in house for 2 days straight on how he wanted his 7k and not the client’s 20BTC in short he choose violence and 7k over 20BTC who wouldn’t though.

I don’t blame him though because at that time cryptocurrency looked like a scam, people had little to no knowledge about it and appeared so unreal unlike today that it is now a global phenomenon 

It is important to know that cryptocurrency has made a lot of people and also wrecked a lot of people. Made many low income earners millionaires and also made some billionaires. The major difference between the two(2) category of people is how well they fully understand this global phenomenon called cryptocurrency

Today I will be sharing with you 7 important tips you need to know before investing in cryptocurrency 

  1. Invest first in learning about cryptocurrency

2. Only invest your extra income in cryptocurrency because cryptocurrency is very volatile, buying or selling crypto at the wrong can make you lose a lot of money.

3. Don’t invest based on emotions, invest from a place of deep knowledge about cryptocurrency

4. Share your investments on multiple coin

5. Cryptocurrency is not a get rich quick scheme, be patient while investing, getting profits takes time 

6. Don’t be greedy while investing and also be on the look for scammers 

7. And above all to make tons of money trade your BTC and USDT at the G.O.A.T rate ever on MYBTCNIGERIA 😉😁

There you have it guys these are the 7 important tips to know before investing in cryptocurrency, ensure you make use of these tips whenever you want to invest in crypto currency. Cheers to winning 🥂

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