Popular skit makers and comedy extraordinaire group NEPA BOYS consisting of creativekamo and ozainibadan previously signed a contract with your favorite and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform My BTC Nigeria and some few months into the deal they’ve seen many reasons to want to cement the deal such as individual growth as well as fan base growth due to awesome customer feedback after joining this reputable organization. They expressed nothing but gratitude and optimism moving forward prior to the honey filed experience they initially had with the organization.

Ozainibadan looking so focused and ever ready for the goal driven jolly ride.

We built a dynasty and we are happy to share it with everyone.

NEPA BOYS having a good time at last End of the year party, a partnership built on trust and reputation.

NEPA BOYS when asked how its going at My BTC Nigeria

We at My BTC Nigeria look forward to a prosperous 2021 and we would love it to be in the company of our beloved customers who have turned family. To those yet to hop on the jolly ride, time waits on no one, register on to enjoy a beautiful and stressless trade without payment excuses, our customer’s satisfaction is our major priority. We are your number 1 guide to digital exchange, a trial will convince you, we look forward to having you, Cheers.

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