My BTC Nigeria Welcomes Comedian BroJay To The Family.

We at My BTC Nigeria are elated to add a delightsome fellow in person of Mr James Eifediyi Osamhengbe popularly known as comedian Brojays to the ever growing reputable family. Another feat was unlocked as My BTC Nigeria intends to serve customers in farther and wider region of Nigeria specifically Benin City and its environs.

Our latest addition to the team is a Graduate of Civil Engineering in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State and he’s currently resident in Benin city, Edo state. From his childhood he had loved acting, so he decided to forge a career for himself in acting, starting with the Church Drama unit at a tender age.

Asides Acting, he has knowledge in several other things, In his first year in Ambrose Alli University, he created a Blog (AAUEDU BLOG), the blog grew to become one of the biggest social platforms on campus and with the platform they hosted many shows on campus with the collaboration of the SUG, these shows includes two seasons of AAU GOT TALENT, in 2019 he started making contents on Instagram and it’s been a beautiful Journey so far.

One of the many similarities Brojay and My BTC Nigeria shares includes green as their favorite colour amongst many others, his favourite food is pounded Yam and egusi Soup. He loves seeing movies at the cinema and hanging out with Friends. His favourite team is the Lakers Basketball team.

“The world as we know is becoming fully digital in all aspects, and this includes currencies, In the past all currencies were physical cash but now we have Crypto currencies and these Cryptocurrencies are taking over the trade market very fast, it is a great opportunity to be part of a Crypto family, and with the creativity of our team, the goal is to make inspirational, entertaining and creative contents for the Brand” – Comedian Brojay

We at My BTC Nigeria are extremely devoted and committed to serving you diligently and relentlessly, as your favourite online cryptocurrency exchanger, offers you the best of rates for your Bitcoin and Giftcards, we look forward to having you onboard.

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