My BTC Nigeria Welcomes Instagram Star Comedian Tomiwa To The Family.

Welcome to the My BTC Nigeria Family.

Once again My BTC Nigeria shows one of the many reasons why they are a dominant force in the cryptocurrency world, by officially putting pen to paper on a very lucrative deal for The multitalented Mr Tomiwa James Olumide popularly known as ‘comediantomiwa‘ across various social media platform. This event took place on the 3rd of September 2020 and was celebrated in grand style. As a brand with huge reputation we are glad to be announcing this great feat.

Welcome to the My BTC Nigeria umbrella

He was introduced to the crew that gets the work on the website done, as well as shown around the work space. He signed his documents and then proceeded to receiving all the branded Items. He also had a brief interview session where he discussed his excitement and ambitions joining My BTC Nigeria.

Interviewer ; Can we meet you?

Comedian Tomiwa ; My name is Tomiwa james, a dancer, an actor, a per time music producer and popularly known as a comedian. A graduate of Geology in the prestigious university of Ilorin, Kwara State.

The Team and Comedian TOMIWA

Interviewer ; What are your goals joining My BTC Nigeria?

Comedian Tomiwa ; First and foremost i am so happy i was given this opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization as an ambassador, i would love to contribute great advertisement contents via skits, messages to the brand in other to reach out to the entire populace.

Latest Ambassador

Immeasurable Joy

Interviewer ; Why should your fans and the public trade with My BTC Nigeria?

Comedian Tomiwa ; Our reputation of over 5 years speaks volume, we can also boast of 247 online presence, fast payout as well as sweet rates in the cryptocurrency & Gift cards trading. The network we are building here is one that’s worth joining, we run stressless and smooth trades on our Web platform.

Interviewer ; What message would you like to pass to the public concerning My BTC Nigeria ?

Comedian Tomiwa ; Trade with us to enjoy all the best qualities in Cryptocurrency and Gift card market, we also have a 247 responsive Livechat section on our web platform that helps to resolve issues while trading with us to make your trade with us memorable.

My BTC Nigeria is an online platform designed for all forms of cryptocurrency exchange, We buy all cryptocurrency (bitcoin, etherum) and redeem giftcards ranging from Ebay, Googleplay, Itunes and many more . Our reputation of 5 years in this field is one we are boastful of and as well desire to keep breaking upward boundaries. Our sumptuous rates are a Joy to behold because customer satisfaction is our main priority. Don’t get scammed before you join our family, maximize our promos and finger licking rate. Fast Payment is also one of our biggest pride, no more delays, transactions made easy. We look forward to having you on our Web platform at, so you can experience the good life.

‘Boss e no go be anything if you no dey involved’ Our customers are our priorities.

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