Please if you are not in or from Kenya don’t ask me the meaning, this one is for MYBTC FC Kenya division😂.

Since we launched we have served thousands of customers in the amazing Pearl of Africa but more than being the No.1 guide to digital exchange we strive daily to be the major drive force of the mind-blowing development that comes through digital exchange and this is why every of our products, features and plans are designed to help achieve the big picture of ensuring Africa grows through the adoption of digital exchange.

To our other African brothers, before you ask Kenyan users “To cut soap for you 😂 ” know that we are working round the clock to start paying in other African currencies.

Thanks to the frequent feedbacks from our amazing bosses(You!), Our amazing users in Kenya can now get paid in Kenyan shilling easily through 3 simple steps on the website or app.

Before creating any order on your MBN account, it is important you add your bank account details for payment purposes after every successful trade.

So, How do I get paid in Kenya Shilling?

Quickly, Follow the simple steps below to get paid in Kenyan shillings:

  1. Click on the sidebar on your dashboard

2. Click on “settings”

3. Select “Bank information”

Fill up the blank spaces with your bank details then click on “Update Bank info“.

Freshi!! You are set go!

After a successful trade, Your MBN account will be credited automatically in Naira. However, when withdrawing, you can convert to Kenyan shillings in “Account Balance” and withdraw from there.

All you have to do next is click the 👁 eye icon to view your payment details.

Voila! That is all you need to know about getting paid in Kenyan shilling.

Chief, After this just go and price 2021 Benz CLA 250 COUPE😂

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