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Over time we have served as your most preferred crypto and giftcards exchange platform, but we want to be more! we want to learn and grow with you, hence the need to have this Blog running came to play!

welcome to My BTC Nigeria

My Btc Nigeria is Nigerian’s most preferred exchange platform, we deal in instant exchange of Bitcoin, Gift cards (iTunes,steam,google play,Walmart , apple store cards etc) to Naira, we operate 247-365 (round the day ,week and Year), trade happen on our website www.mybtc.ng or www.mybtcnigeria.com and trust me we have the fastest and most jovial set of live chat representatives who are always helping you through trades on our platform!

Noooooooooooooo! we didn’t bring you here to bore you on how reliable and good we are , and moreover this is only an introduction post to welcome you to our newest platform THIS BLOG , I am promising you as usual this won’t be a regular blog you just visit, this would make more sense, ‘lol i swear‘.

The team is putting up several categories to make every visit worth the time, ranging from , Crypto Education, Crypto Gists, Games, Celebrity Ambassadors, Giveaways and many many more.

Its the beginning of another forever and we are happy you are in this with us!

i will be back soon with some real vibes…

Stay Safe- Keep Trading – Keep Getting Paid!

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  1. Omere isaac


    Bitcoin is the world greatest currency now and forever.

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