You can now buy Airtime and Data with your funds

MBN (My BTC Nigeria) is a platform built with user flexibility and also quite easy to navigate, to keep up this standards , we have to keep bringing new ideas to the table and providing solutions and responses to our users request.

Today we bring you the, Buy Airtime and Data right from your Dashboard, Because;

we have had situations when users make withdrawals of little tokens like N1,000 , and a couple of time when we ask via the live chat, the response is always.. i just sharperly need money to run Airtime ni boss

In our last Team Time , we made it a point to deliberate on , less than 2 weeks later, The BILL and Payment option has been added to every user’s dashboard and we made the test run which came out quite successful and boom its time to unveil the feature to us all. Kudos to the CTO and the entire MyBTC DevTeam.

How Does The Bill Payment Work?

Firstly, i have to Point out that the bill payment is designed for ACTIVE customers of the platform only, that is, you must have traded on and have been paid to your MBN wallet before you can buy Data and Airtime.

Once you are logged into your MBN (My BTC Nigeria) account, on your sidebar you will find the new bills & Payment Tab which has been added for every existing and future users.

Buy Airtime and Buy data bundle

once you click the buy Airtime, it takes you to the processing page where, you get to select, The PROVIDER ( The network), Amount , phone number after which it displays how much will be deducted from your balance.

in the course of my test run , i will be dashing the customer care unit with N1,000 lol , lets just say i’m surprising a babe, since na babes full our CSU .
omoooo x 1000 they don commot money from my test account o, and guess what? its instant automated crediting.

So i just did a test for Airtime , which was successful, i will quickly rush over the Data Bundle now too .

guy na scope ooo, i just wanted you to know you can buy as much as 75gb on airtel, not that i’m crediting CSU (customer service unit ) with 75gb ooo lol

Finally, you can see your entire transaction history on the BILL PAYMENT HISTORY in your dashboard tab.

ah i have done 3 transactions now now, me i will claim its still testing o
i hope you pipu understand sha, because me i will claim i have taught you how to buy Airtime and Data on o .


TED TALK is not just a regular crypto exchange platform, we want you to do more, with your Payments from us.

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